Broker vs Agent

Having someone you can trust to help you create a proper plan is key. One isn’t better than the other it just depends what you’re looking for. I have personally heard of both being unreachable however I do tend to appreciate agents more than brokers for one simple reason: service.

Brokers represent many different companies and therefore can typically find you the lowest cost plan and offer a variety of different options. However this can also be a bad thing because they may not know the ins & outs of those plans or providers but just enough to sell you on it. They sell based on being able to provide the lowest cost plan.

Agents generally work for a single company which means they know their companies, products and plans a lot more thoroughly than most brokers would.  A good agent sells based on value. They may not have the lowest price but other value that they may bring to the table can be a huge benefit to the client.

When it comes to help with Medicare related issues, the most important feature should be that they are willing to come see you every year to review the plan changes. Whether or not you like your plan or have any changes in health or prescriptions, an annual review is still necessary. Make sure that your agent is local and that they give you their direct line. A referral from someone you know if helpful but don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Just because your friend recommends someone doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. Find someone that you connect with face to face and that is willing to educate you instead of just giving you prices.

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