Medicare: Parts A, B, C & D

Original Medicare includes A & B. Both have out of pocket costs.
Part C actually takes over Parts A, B & D and creates it’s own rules.
Part D is prescriptions.

  Part A Part B Part C Part D
Covers Hospital
Skilled Nursing
Home Health Care
Medical Services & Supplies
Medicare Advantage
RX Prescription Drugs
Costs Payed with Payroll taxes all your working life* Monthly premium $121.80 in 2016 (was $104.90 previously) $0 to approx. $100/mo. Approx $18/mo. – $100/mo.
Penalties NA 10% of Part B premiums for each year you were eligible to enroll but didn’t** for the rest of your life None 1% of average Part D premiums added to your monthly premium costs for the rest of your life

*This is why working under the table can be extremely dangerous. If you don’t have enough quarters paying into Social Security & Medicare you may not qualify for benefits.
**If you do not have other creditable coverage.

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